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Zeke Tiernan is a dear friend, in addition to being a very good ultra runner. He has great stories about his high school and college running days, in addition to sharing insights about ultra running, including his suggestions for how to run the best Leadville 100.

Thanks Zeke for your time. Can't wait to share a run with you soon.

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Manish is a client who lives in India and who has bought into my system of training, embracing all of the elements and doing them to the best of his ability. He came to running as an adult and when we started working together he was on a run/walk program. Now he does 2+ hour runs most Saturdays, in addition to all of the SAM work. 

Thank you Manish for sharing your story.

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Jeff Boele discusses how he has grown as a coach by attending the Altis high performance center in Arizona. Jeff is the new developmental coach of the Roots Running Project, a post collegiate running group in Boulder, CO. Prior to his coaching with Roots Jeff was one of the most successful high school coaches in Colorado.

Thanks for your time Jeff!

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Coach Patrick McHugh discusses Vern Gambetta's GAIN conference/clinic and the impact it has had on his coaching. Coach Gambetta, who has been on the RFP, is a fantastic coach who has a great deal of knowledge about strength and conditioning, as well as track and field, has made GAIN a special opportunity for the serous and inquisitive coach. 

If you want to learn more about Patrick's training and how he has helped HS athletes run well in HS while setting them up for greater success in college, check out, where he is one of the featured coaches. 

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How should you plan your training week? When should you do a long run? Should you do one workout or two workouts in addition to the long run? When should you do strides? When should you do strength work?

In this episode Jay lays out the training week that 80% of his clients do to stay injury free and run well.


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Brad Stulberg is the co-author, along with Steve Magness, of the new book "Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout and Thrive with the New Science of Success."

Simply put, this is a must read for athletes and coaches. It's a combination of dozens of research articles that Brad and Steve have woven into a narrative that will help all of us perform at higher levels. Brad was a joy to interview and I hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Steve has been on the podcast in an early episode of the RFP - check that out for more running specific information.

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In this episode we explore some of the highlights of High School Running Coach by interviewing Doug Petrick, a member of the site. Doug is always working to improve his craft as a distance coach and he share some of the most important things he's learned as a member of High School Running Coach. 

To learn more about the site visit .

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In this conversation we discuss key findings in exercise science that directly impact running performance. For example, we discus the importance of macronutrient intake after exercise. We also discuss the fact that as runner's we're in "the business of building mitochondria." It's always a pleasure to get to speak with Jeff, so thanks to him for finding time out of his hectic schedule to conduct the interview. 

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This episode focuses entirely on strength training and is taken from a webinar I recently conducted. If you can only listen to part of the episode, listen to the first 30 minutes as I address nine key points regarding strength training for runners. There were so many great questions asked during this webinar, so stick around to listen to the entire episode.

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Tapering for the marathon is one of the most misunderstood aspects of racing a great race when the gun goes off. 

In this episode Jay talks about the importance of decreasing volume during a taper, yet keeping the intensity relatively high. He goes into detail as to how to do this, specifically talking about the length of long runs, when to run marathon pace workouts and when you should practice your fueling for the big race.

What questions do you have about the marathon? Email your questions to

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