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Phil is speaking at the 2018 Boulder Running Clinics Marathon Clinic. His presentations titles are "Essential Elements of Marathon Success" and "Key Principles of Marathon Training."

The event will be streamed live on January 26th and 27th. All attendees, both in person and via the web, will receive HD videos of all of the presentations roughly three weeks after the clinic.

Phil Warton is one of the most respected and sought after musculoskeletal therapists and trainers in the world. He has worked with and trained hundreds of Olympic medalists, world record holders, national teams, and professional teams; as well as luminaries of stage, screen and business. Guiding Olympic champions, medalists, and national teams over six Olympic periods. He has worked with world record-holders in the marathon for the past 11 years.

Phil Wharton mentored with some of the finest traditional and non-traditional medical professionals in the world. Traveling with national teams from Italy to Kenya and all over Europe and Mexico. In his travels he worked to create marathon training camps all over the world.

Thanks Phil for joining me on the podcast.

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John O'Malley is unquestionably one of the best high school coaches in the country. As the boys coach at Sandburg HS (IL) he has had teams run 7:46 or faster in the 4 x 800m the last four years. In cross country he has coached two Footlocker National Champions - Lukas Verzbicas (2009) and Dylan Jacobs (2017) - an accomplishment no other high school coach can claim.

In these three excerpts from his full interview with High School Running Coach, he discuses the elements of success, the importance of building a culture, and the importance of having a progression of training.

Coach O'Malley will be speaking twice at the Boulder Running Clinics in January, 2018.

Become a member of and get Coach O'Malley's documents on training philosophy, as well as day by day training for outdoor track.

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In this Q&A I answer questions from Jim. He has read Simple Marathon Training and his questions are well informed. Thanks Jim!

His questions are as follows.

1. Do you always prescribe minutes to even advanced runners? If so, why?

2. Can you run your easy days too easy?

3. During your fundamental phase, do you see value in hill sprints as well?

4. During your foundational phase, do you see value in starting to progress a moderate speed long run in distance to prepare for marathon-specific training?

If you like this format please email me at 


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Jonathan Dalby is one of the most successful coaching in the country. He had two teams qualify for the Nike Cross Nationals this past week. His boys earned a podium spot, finishing 3rd, while his girls team finished 6th. Only Fayetteville-Manlius had a higher combined team finish.

In this interview, which are excerpts from his full length interview on, he talks about the elements of success, such as being consistent and putting in the work. He then goes ins a discussion about team culture and not underestimating the social aspect of the team. Finally, he shares a guiding training principle of going from general work to more specific work.

Jonathan is speaking at the January 2018 Boulder Running Clinics and his presentation on coaching freshmen will videoed. Check for that video.

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Dan Iverson is the girls coach at Naperville North HS in Naperville, IL. His girls finished 2nd this past weekend at the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). 

In this podcast he talks about the culture and the structure of the team. He talks about the unique team camp his team to start the cross country season. He discusses the training his athletes do between the end of the cross country season and the start of outdoor track. Finally, Dan discusses the non-running things like drills, yoga and rope stretching. 

Dan's a tremendous person and is truly an athlete-centered coach.

He will be speaking at the January 2018 Boulder Running Clinics High School Clinic (January 12th and 13th).

If you want to hear the entire interview, as well as get access to the training documents referenced in this podcast, go to and become a member.

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Greg Weich has coached five Footlocker Finalists and this weekend his girls team will compete at the Nike Cross Nationals. 

In this interview Greg talks about individualizing training for athletes, training athletes on minimal mileage, what he learned from Joe Vigil.

Greg is one of the featured coach in Season 1 of High School Running Coach. Check out the site for tons of free coaching advice from coaches like Greg

Greg is a great coach and a great person, so this interview was a treat to record (note: it was recorded two years ago at the Boulder Running Camps).

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Wow! 50 episodes! If you're new to the Run Faster Podcast and want to know where to start, this episode will point you in the right direction. Thank you to all the guests who have joined me on the podcast - it's been a pleasure and an honor to talk running with you.


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Josh Rowe is a well known figure in the running world, having worked at Nike, New Balance and now at Tracksmith.

Josh and I have been friends for well over 15 years and he's one of the people I look up as he's always trying to make the sport better. He's made an significant impact on our sport at every career opportunity.

I hope you enjoy this episode - the 50th episode of the podcast! - and I look forward to your feedback and comments. Email me at to let me know what you thought of this episode and the podcast in general.


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Zeke Tiernan is a dear friend, in addition to being a very good ultra runner. He has great stories about his high school and college running days, in addition to sharing insights about ultra running, including his suggestions for how to run the best Leadville 100.

Thanks Zeke for your time. Can't wait to share a run with you soon.

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Manish is a client who lives in India and who has bought into my system of training, embracing all of the elements and doing them to the best of his ability. He came to running as an adult and when we started working together he was on a run/walk program. Now he does 2+ hour runs most Saturdays, in addition to all of the SAM work. 

Thank you Manish for sharing your story.

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