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This second interview with Dr. Messer is a rebroadcast of his interview with Jay Johnson for High School Running Coach.

Dr. Messer is widely considered one of the best high school distance coaches in the country and in this interview he discusses in detail his training for the Desert Vista (AZ) girls team that he coaches.

Dr. Messer is a special individual and a unique mind in the world of running.

If you are interested in learning from other great high school coaches like Dr. Messer, visit and consider becoming a member.

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Dr. Jeff Messer is both a high school coach and an exercise physiologist.  He is widely recognized as one of the best high school coaches in the country.

This interview is a rebroadcast of an interview between Jay Johnson and Dr. Messer from Jay's CoachJayJohnson podcast.  At the time of that recording Dr. Messer was coaching at Xavier College Prep; he now coaches at Desert Vista, both in the Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Messer has presented at the Boulder Running Clinics.  You can watch excerpts from his presentations for free on YouTube or you can purchase the entire presentation - both video and audio files - at

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This was a lot of fun - a simulcast with the Just Athletics podcast, hosted by Josh Rowe and Chris Johnson.

Josh has worked with world class athletes in sports marketing at both Nike and New Balance.  Chris is a hard working HS coach and English teacher in Florence, Oregon.  I'm lucky to know both men.

We talk track in this episode because - let's face it folks - all three of us are track geeks.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as the three of us enjoyed recording it.

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Coach Jay Johnson answers questions in this Q and A.  If you like the Q and A let Jay know via twitter, facebook or email.


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Doug Petrick is a serious runner, a high school coach, a high school educator and a father with young children.  He's extremely busy, as are many of the listeners of this podast.

I coached Doug online for a season and he did a great job buying in to the training, which culminated in Doug racing well.  

Doug has been coaching himself in the past year and in this podcast we get to learn about his implementation of my coaching approach into his own training, as well as the coaching of his high school team.

Thanks Doug for finding the time to be on the podcast.

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Dr. Richard Hansen is a chiropractor and coach in Boulder, Colorado.  This interview covers his views on a variety of topics, including the modalities that may or may not be helpful for runners and thing to look for when considering working with various health professionals to Run Faster.

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Travis Macey is the author of the book, The Ultra Mindset.  He's is a competitive adventure racer and ultra marathon runner.  This a great interview that covers a variety of topics.  

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Steve Magness is not only a guest on the Run Faster Podcast, but he’s one of the speakers at the Boulder Running Clinic’s July 2015 High School Coaches clinic.

Steve is many things: A coach, scientist, author, blogger and now a podcaster.

Steve has a unique mind and the running world is lucky to have someone as passionate and objective about training design as Steve.


This is a great interview for the simple reason that Steve is full of so much good information.  Enjoy.

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Vern Gambetta is one of the premier strength and conditioning coaches  in the world.  But, unlike many of his peers, his roots are in track and field.  He considers himself a coach, first and foremost.

Many of you are familiar with his blog and the balance he shares between the nuts and bolts of helping athletes become better athletes and the art of coaching.

Interviewing Vern is a real treat for me as he’s a coach I’ve looked up to for many years.


Vern will be speaking at the Boulder Running Clinic’s 2015 July High School Coaches clinic.  He’ll be presenting in both the formal classroom setting as well as outside in a “learn by doing” session.  

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Nate Jenkins is our seventh guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

Nate is an American marathon runner who has taken the time to share his training logs over his career at  Nate does a wonderful job explaining why he does what he does.  He’s self effacing and the first to be critical of any mistake he’s made in his training.

Nate finished seventh at the 2008 Olympic Trials, in a star-studded field.  He has a marathon PR of 2:14.

Nate started running seriously in 8th grade and learned by his senior year in high school that high mileage worked for him.  

In this interview he talks about his interpretation of Renato Canova’s training system and how he’s implemented that into his training.  He also discusses his use of workouts like Aussie Quarters and the Mona Fartlek.

This interview runs a few minutes longer than most for the simple fact that I had so many questions for Nate.

Thanks for your time Nate and we wish you the best as you continue your running career. 

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Bart Yasso is our sixth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

Bart has the title of Chief Running Officer at Runners World.  What is that you ask?  Bart explains in this interview.

Bart has been running for 38 years and has a wealth of knowledge about training and racing.  

Obviously we discuss the Yasso 800 workout, but we also discuss easy days and long runs and how Bart thinks you should run those days.


Bart is a special man and I thank him for his time.

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Lee Troop is my guest on the fifth episode of the Run Faster Podcast.

Lee represented Australia in three different Olympics.  He broke Ron Clarke’s Austrailian national record in the 5k, a record that stood for 33 years.  He then moved up to the marathon where he ran a personal best of 2:09.

In 2013 Lee finished 15th in the Boston Marathon, running 2:17, at age 40.

 Lee is the founder of the Boulder Track Club and coach of the reigning women’s US cross country champion, Laura Thweatt.

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Adam Goucher is our fourth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.  Adam won the 1993 Footlocker National Championship as a high school athlete, beating Meb Keflezighi. He attended the University of Colorado and ran for Coach Mark Wetmore.  Adam finished third at the NCAA Championships his freshman year, then went on to win the meet as a senior, a season that is chronicled in the book Running with the Buffaloes.


Adam became an Olympian in 2000 and finished 13th in the finals of the 5,000m.  Adam has run 8:12 for two-miles and 13:10 for 5,000m.  Adam is co-author with Tim Catalono of the book Run the Edge.  You may know Adam’s wife, Kara Goucher, a fixture on the American running scene for many years.

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Bob Kennedy joins us for the third episode of the Run Faster Podcast.  Bob won both the high school national championship, which was then called the Kinney National Championship, and won the NCAA Division I Cross Country Champions as both a freshman and a senior.


Bob Kennedy was the first non-African to break 13 minutes for 5k.  Many of you may remember when he took the lead of the penultimate lap of the 5,000m at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA.  Some runners may have even raced in the shoe Nike named after him, the Zoom Kennedy.

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Dathan Ritzenhein is a three-time Olympian who is working hard to make his fourth Olympic team in 2016.  Prior to becoming one of the best professional runners in the U.S. and in the world (with a marathon best of 2:07:47 and a half-marathon best of 60:00) he won both the Footlocker and NCAA titles. 


He twice won the Footlocker Cross Country Championships in high school, beating Alan Webb and Ryan Hall his senior year.  In 2003, he won the NCAA Division I Championship in a brutal dual with Ryan Hall.


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Jorge Torres

2002 NCAA Division I Cross Country Champion, 1998 Footlocker Champion and 2008 Olympian for the United States at 10,000m, Jorge Torres is the first guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

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