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My favorite podcast thus far - which saying something as I love them all - due to the content and banter with one of my dear friends, Zach Hancock. 

Zach was the primary editor for my Simple Marathon Training book. We walk through the various parts of the book, with lots of tangents, which I think you will enjoy.

Zach is thoughtful and fun and funny and smart, which makes for a great interview - conducted in his Air Stream trailer in Boulder, CO, no less.

As a former 3:45 1,500m runner and huge track fan - he took his wife to the Prefontaine Classic a few years ago as the vacation for the summer - Zach has many thoughts on the sport, which I'm confident you'll enjoy.

Zach and I conclude the podcast with his retelling of visiting Arthur Lydiard in his home. Again, if you are a student of the sport you'll love hearing about his visit.

Thanks so much Zach for your thoughtfulness and care editing the book and thank you for a wonderful interview.


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Alia Gray recently finished 10th in the women's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.  She was one of only three competitors to run a PR at the event, as the starting temperature was 73º and the temperature at the finish was 82º.  

She shares her unconventional training for the race, including insights in the way she works with her coach, Dr. Joe Vigil, who coacher her remotely.  Dr. Richard Hansen, a former guest on this podcast, is also a part of this podcast as he is with Alia day to day, administering workouts.

Great interview if you're interested in how elite athletes train.

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This second interview with Dr. Messer is a rebroadcast of his interview with Jay Johnson for High School Running Coach.

Dr. Messer is widely considered one of the best high school distance coaches in the country and in this interview he discusses in detail his training for the Desert Vista (AZ) girls team that he coaches.

Dr. Messer is a special individual and a unique mind in the world of running.

If you are interested in learning from other great high school coaches like Dr. Messer, visit and consider becoming a member.

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Dr. Jeff Messer is both a high school coach and an exercise physiologist.  He is widely recognized as one of the best high school coaches in the country.

This interview is a rebroadcast of an interview between Jay Johnson and Dr. Messer from Jay's CoachJayJohnson podcast.  At the time of that recording Dr. Messer was coaching at Xavier College Prep; he now coaches at Desert Vista, both in the Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Messer has presented at the Boulder Running Clinics.  You can watch excerpts from his presentations for free on YouTube or you can purchase the entire presentation - both video and audio files - at

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This was a lot of fun - a simulcast with the Just Athletics podcast, hosted by Josh Rowe and Chris Johnson.

Josh has worked with world class athletes in sports marketing at both Nike and New Balance.  Chris is a hard working HS coach and English teacher in Florence, Oregon.  I'm lucky to know both men.

We talk track in this episode because - let's face it folks - all three of us are track geeks.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as the three of us enjoyed recording it.

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Coach Jay Johnson answers questions in this Q and A.  If you like the Q and A let Jay know via twitter, facebook or email.


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Doug Petrick is a serious runner, a high school coach, a high school educator and a father with young children.  He's extremely busy, as are many of the listeners of this podast.

I coached Doug online for a season and he did a great job buying in to the training, which culminated in Doug racing well.  

Doug has been coaching himself in the past year and in this podcast we get to learn about his implementation of my coaching approach into his own training, as well as the coaching of his high school team.

Thanks Doug for finding the time to be on the podcast.

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Dr. Richard Hansen is a chiropractor and coach in Boulder, Colorado.  This interview covers his views on a variety of topics, including the modalities that may or may not be helpful for runners and thing to look for when considering working with various health professionals to Run Faster.

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Travis Macey is the author of the book, The Ultra Mindset.  He's is a competitive adventure racer and ultra marathon runner.  This a great interview that covers a variety of topics.  

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Bart Yasso is our sixth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

Bart has the title of Chief Running Officer at Runners World.  What is that you ask?  Bart explains in this interview.

Bart has been running for 38 years and has a wealth of knowledge about training and racing.  

Obviously we discuss the Yasso 800 workout, but we also discuss easy days and long runs and how Bart thinks you should run those days.


Bart is a special man and I thank him for his time.

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Adam Goucher is our fourth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.  Adam won the 1993 Footlocker National Championship as a high school athlete, beating Meb Keflezighi. He attended the University of Colorado and ran for Coach Mark Wetmore.  Adam finished third at the NCAA Championships his freshman year, then went on to win the meet as a senior, a season that is chronicled in the book Running with the Buffaloes.


Adam became an Olympian in 2000 and finished 13th in the finals of the 5,000m.  Adam has run 8:12 for two-miles and 13:10 for 5,000m.  Adam is co-author with Tim Catalono of the book Run the Edge.  You may know Adam’s wife, Kara Goucher, a fixture on the American running scene for many years.

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