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Phil is speaking at the 2018 Boulder Running Clinics Marathon Clinic. His presentations titles are "Essential Elements of Marathon Success" and "Key Principles of Marathon Training."

The event will be streamed live on January 26th and 27th. All attendees, both in person and via the web, will receive HD videos of all of the presentations roughly three weeks after the clinic.

Phil Warton is one of the most respected and sought after musculoskeletal therapists and trainers in the world. He has worked with and trained hundreds of Olympic medalists, world record holders, national teams, and professional teams; as well as luminaries of stage, screen and business. Guiding Olympic champions, medalists, and national teams over six Olympic periods. He has worked with world record-holders in the marathon for the past 11 years.

Phil Wharton mentored with some of the finest traditional and non-traditional medical professionals in the world. Traveling with national teams from Italy to Kenya and all over Europe and Mexico. In his travels he worked to create marathon training camps all over the world.

Thanks Phil for joining me on the podcast.

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John O'Malley is unquestionably one of the best high school coaches in the country. As the boys coach at Sandburg HS (IL) he has had teams run 7:46 or faster in the 4 x 800m the last four years. In cross country he has coached two Footlocker National Champions - Lukas Verzbicas (2009) and Dylan Jacobs (2017) - an accomplishment no other high school coach can claim.

In these three excerpts from his full interview with High School Running Coach, he discuses the elements of success, the importance of building a culture, and the importance of having a progression of training.

Coach O'Malley will be speaking twice at the Boulder Running Clinics in January, 2018.

Become a member of and get Coach O'Malley's documents on training philosophy, as well as day by day training for outdoor track.

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In this Q&A I answer questions from Jim. He has read Simple Marathon Training and his questions are well informed. Thanks Jim!

His questions are as follows.

1. Do you always prescribe minutes to even advanced runners? If so, why?

2. Can you run your easy days too easy?

3. During your fundamental phase, do you see value in hill sprints as well?

4. During your foundational phase, do you see value in starting to progress a moderate speed long run in distance to prepare for marathon-specific training?

If you like this format please email me at 


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Jonathan Dalby is one of the most successful coaching in the country. He had two teams qualify for the Nike Cross Nationals this past week. His boys earned a podium spot, finishing 3rd, while his girls team finished 6th. Only Fayetteville-Manlius had a higher combined team finish.

In this interview, which are excerpts from his full length interview on, he talks about the elements of success, such as being consistent and putting in the work. He then goes ins a discussion about team culture and not underestimating the social aspect of the team. Finally, he shares a guiding training principle of going from general work to more specific work.

Jonathan is speaking at the January 2018 Boulder Running Clinics and his presentation on coaching freshmen will videoed. Check for that video.

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Dan Iverson is the girls coach at Naperville North HS in Naperville, IL. His girls finished 2nd this past weekend at the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN). 

In this podcast he talks about the culture and the structure of the team. He talks about the unique team camp his team to start the cross country season. He discusses the training his athletes do between the end of the cross country season and the start of outdoor track. Finally, Dan discusses the non-running things like drills, yoga and rope stretching. 

Dan's a tremendous person and is truly an athlete-centered coach.

He will be speaking at the January 2018 Boulder Running Clinics High School Clinic (January 12th and 13th).

If you want to hear the entire interview, as well as get access to the training documents referenced in this podcast, go to and become a member.

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Greg Weich has coached five Footlocker Finalists and this weekend his girls team will compete at the Nike Cross Nationals. 

In this interview Greg talks about individualizing training for athletes, training athletes on minimal mileage, what he learned from Joe Vigil.

Greg is one of the featured coach in Season 1 of High School Running Coach. Check out the site for tons of free coaching advice from coaches like Greg

Greg is a great coach and a great person, so this interview was a treat to record (note: it was recorded two years ago at the Boulder Running Camps).

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Wow! 50 episodes! If you're new to the Run Faster Podcast and want to know where to start, this episode will point you in the right direction. Thank you to all the guests who have joined me on the podcast - it's been a pleasure and an honor to talk running with you.


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Josh Rowe is a well known figure in the running world, having worked at Nike, New Balance and now at Tracksmith.

Josh and I have been friends for well over 15 years and he's one of the people I look up as he's always trying to make the sport better. He's made an significant impact on our sport at every career opportunity.

I hope you enjoy this episode - the 50th episode of the podcast! - and I look forward to your feedback and comments. Email me at to let me know what you thought of this episode and the podcast in general.


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Zeke Tiernan is a dear friend, in addition to being a very good ultra runner. He has great stories about his high school and college running days, in addition to sharing insights about ultra running, including his suggestions for how to run the best Leadville 100.

Thanks Zeke for your time. Can't wait to share a run with you soon.

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Manish is a client who lives in India and who has bought into my system of training, embracing all of the elements and doing them to the best of his ability. He came to running as an adult and when we started working together he was on a run/walk program. Now he does 2+ hour runs most Saturdays, in addition to all of the SAM work. 

Thank you Manish for sharing your story.

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Jeff Boele discusses how he has grown as a coach by attending the Altis high performance center in Arizona. Jeff is the new developmental coach of the Roots Running Project, a post collegiate running group in Boulder, CO. Prior to his coaching with Roots Jeff was one of the most successful high school coaches in Colorado.

Thanks for your time Jeff!

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Coach Patrick McHugh discusses Vern Gambetta's GAIN conference/clinic and the impact it has had on his coaching. Coach Gambetta, who has been on the RFP, is a fantastic coach who has a great deal of knowledge about strength and conditioning, as well as track and field, has made GAIN a special opportunity for the serous and inquisitive coach. 

If you want to learn more about Patrick's training and how he has helped HS athletes run well in HS while setting them up for greater success in college, check out, where he is one of the featured coaches. 

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How should you plan your training week? When should you do a long run? Should you do one workout or two workouts in addition to the long run? When should you do strides? When should you do strength work?

In this episode Jay lays out the training week that 80% of his clients do to stay injury free and run well.


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Brad Stulberg is the co-author, along with Steve Magness, of the new book "Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout and Thrive with the New Science of Success."

Simply put, this is a must read for athletes and coaches. It's a combination of dozens of research articles that Brad and Steve have woven into a narrative that will help all of us perform at higher levels. Brad was a joy to interview and I hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Steve has been on the podcast in an early episode of the RFP - check that out for more running specific information.

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In this episode we explore some of the highlights of High School Running Coach by interviewing Doug Petrick, a member of the site. Doug is always working to improve his craft as a distance coach and he share some of the most important things he's learned as a member of High School Running Coach. 

To learn more about the site visit .

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In this conversation we discuss key findings in exercise science that directly impact running performance. For example, we discus the importance of macronutrient intake after exercise. We also discuss the fact that as runner's we're in "the business of building mitochondria." It's always a pleasure to get to speak with Jeff, so thanks to him for finding time out of his hectic schedule to conduct the interview. 

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This episode focuses entirely on strength training and is taken from a webinar I recently conducted. If you can only listen to part of the episode, listen to the first 30 minutes as I address nine key points regarding strength training for runners. There were so many great questions asked during this webinar, so stick around to listen to the entire episode.

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Tapering for the marathon is one of the most misunderstood aspects of racing a great race when the gun goes off. 

In this episode Jay talks about the importance of decreasing volume during a taper, yet keeping the intensity relatively high. He goes into detail as to how to do this, specifically talking about the length of long runs, when to run marathon pace workouts and when you should practice your fueling for the big race.

What questions do you have about the marathon? Email your questions to

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Dimity McDowell, along with her business parter, Sarah Bowen Shea, are the two mothers behind Another Mother Runner.

AMR started as a blog, chronicling the challenges of being both a mother and a runner. AMR has three books for sale, a very popular podcast, as well as a strong social media following.

This interview was a ton of fun - one of my favorites thus far.

You don't need to be a mother to get a great deal out of this interview and I hope you'll check it out as the majority of the information presented applies to all runners.


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This episode is a recording of a webinar I recently had the pleasure of doing for readers of my newsletter. The focus of the webinar is half marathon training, but just like the 5k and 10k webinar, many of the questions apply to all distances.

A key theme in this podcast is that sound half marathon training is extremely similar to marathon training, with the key difference being the amount of glycogen an athlete has to run the two distances.

If you like this format, email me at  Enjoy!

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This is easily one of my favorite episodes of the Run Faster podcast.

Drew Ryun, son of Jim Ryun, is a student of the sport and someone who I love talking track with. Drew and I meet through running camps as he asked me to speak at the Jim Ryun Running Camp roughly 10 years ago. What a treat.

In this interview we are simply two track geeks talking track, which should be informative for both the long term running fan and new runners alike. We talk a bit about our own running, but obviously much of the conversation is Drew sharing stories about his father, one of the greatest milers of all time.

Thanks so much for your time Drew!

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This episode is a recording of a webinar I recently had the pleasure of doing for readers of my newsletter. While the focus of the webinar is on 5k and 10k training, many of the questions apply to all distances. Many of the questions focused on how to organize a week of training and/or a training cycle, which are both important if you're going to race to your potential.

This webinar was a lot of fun and I will definitely be doing more webinars in the future.

If you like this format, email me at


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Noah Droddy is a thoughtful, serious and colorful character in US distance running. While most people know more about his race day looks - long hair, sunglasses, backwards hat and mustache - than his PRs, Noah is quickly becoming one of the top distance runners in the US, with great performances at the US 10-mile championships in 2016 and the 2017 Houston Half Marathon.

This interview was a lot of fun and I look forward to watching him and his fellow Root Running Project teammates in some workouts in Boulder this spring.

If you want to read some fun articles about Noah and his appearance at the 2016 US Olympic Track and Field Trials, go to and search for this episode.

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My favorite podcast thus far - which saying something as I love them all - due to the content and banter with one of my dear friends, Zach Hancock. 

Zach was the primary editor for my Simple Marathon Training book. We walk through the various parts of the book, with lots of tangents, which I think you will enjoy.

Zach is thoughtful and fun and funny and smart, which makes for a great interview - conducted in his Air Stream trailer in Boulder, CO, no less.

As a former 3:45 1,500m runner and huge track fan - he took his wife to the Prefontaine Classic a few years ago as the vacation for the summer - Zach has many thoughts on the sport, which I'm confident you'll enjoy.

Zach and I conclude the podcast with his retelling of visiting Arthur Lydiard in his home. Again, if you are a student of the sport you'll love hearing about his visit.

Thanks so much Zach for your thoughtfulness and care editing the book and thank you for a wonderful interview.


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Dr. Carwyn Sharp is, in my opinion, one of the brightest minds in endurance sports. He is the Chief Science Officer at the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Carwyn contributed significantly to my Simple Marathon Training book and in this podcast we discuss the topics he covered in the book: the importance of the long run, how concurrent strength training - where you do some strength training immediately following your run - improves running performance, the importance of sleep, and finally DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness.

Thanks so much Carwyn for your time!


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A 7-minute PR in the half marathon since the last podcast! "You couldn't punch the smile off my face" is how Mark describes his post race excitement. In this podcast we talk about the eight weeks of training leading up to the race. We focus on the importance of long runs, the role of half marathon pace running and the crucial role of Strength and Mobility (SAM) in his training. I love Mark's honesty about disliking SAM work, yet he attributes much of his success on race day to having no lower body issues in the final 3.1 miles of the race. Thanks Mark for your time. You're a joy to coach.

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In this episode Jay explains his 4-week marathon recovery cycle and why it is essential to recover fully from a marathon to ensure that the next training cycle goes well.

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Scott Bliss is a fantastic coach who has a great deal of success at Champlain Valley Union High School, in Vermont.

In this excerpt from his full-length interview from, he talks about the importance of consistency, how he uses hills to his advantage and why it's so important to be able to run the last part of any race fast.

Thanks Scott for your time and best of luck to you and your athletes both this fall and in the coming years.

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Mark Hansen is one of Jay's online clients, and like all of Jay's online clients, he's a busy adult who leads a hectic life. Mark ran competitively in high school, learning some good habits and some no so good. In this podcast Mark talks about the things he's learned from Jay and how many of the things he now does in training differ from his pervious approach to training.

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Dr. Richard Hansen (@DrRichardHansen) joins us again and speaks on a variety of topics. Not only is he a world class chiropractor, but he's also the coach of the Roots Running Project, a group of elite post collegiate runners based out of Boulder, CO. They have a great Instagram feed - @roots_running .

Thanks Dr. Hansen for your time and best of luck to your athlete competing in Eugene at the US Olympic Track and Field Trials.

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Coach John O'Malley is one of the best high school running coaches is in the country. He's had tremendous success as the boys cross country and track coach at Sandburg HS in Illinois. Not only has he had success in cross country, but his boys 4x800m relays consistently run under 7:50, a great indicator that Coach O'Malley is more than capable as a track coach.

This episode is an excerpt from his full interview at

Thanks for your time Coach O'Malley, both in your training you've shared at HSRC and to prepare for this interview.

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Alia Gray recently finished 10th in the women's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials.  She was one of only three competitors to run a PR at the event, as the starting temperature was 73º and the temperature at the finish was 82º.  

She shares her unconventional training for the race, including insights in the way she works with her coach, Dr. Joe Vigil, who coacher her remotely.  Dr. Richard Hansen, a former guest on this podcast, is also a part of this podcast as he is with Alia day to day, administering workouts.

Great interview if you're interested in how elite athletes train.

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In this Q&A I discuss when to ease back on general strength work leading up to a race, heart rate monitors and their role in training, when to do race pace specific work in half marathon training, and much more.  

Want your questions answered on the podcast.  Email me at


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Cindy Kuzma is a runner and a writer.  In the March 2016 edition of Runner's World she has two articles, including the "Injury-Prediction Calculator" article.  It's an interesting article.  Cindy and I discuss not only that article, but an article she did for the March 2015 RW edition on the importance of the hip in running injuries.  Finally, I'm lucky to have the chance to coach Cindy online.  She takes her running seriously and in this interview you'll hear about all of the time she spent in the gym going from injury this fall to running at well in February.

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In this episode Jay and Amy discuss what she should do in her training now that she has identified that she can spend more time training.  Simple question. Some of the answers will be obvious and some of the answers may surprise you.

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Coach Callor has had success with both boys and girls teams, both in cross country and track.  He has coached footlocker finalists and teams that have both made NXN and run well there.

High School Running Coach is lucky to have Mike as a featured coach for the 2016 season.  


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This episode of the podcast features excerpts from Jonathan Dalby's interview on High School Running Coach.

Coach Dalby talks about the social side of running and building a culture of running in the high school setting.  

He also addresses how a coach fits in all of the important non-running work into a training program.  He talks about the importance of a long run, as well as the important concept of "shutting down" a workout if it's not going well for the athlete.

Thanks for your time Jonathan!

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Charlie Kern is the boys track coach at York High School in Elmhurst, Illinois.

This podcast is a collection of excerpts from his full interview on High School Running Coach.

He talks about the face that caring for athletes is more important than workouts.  He talks about some of the things they do at York that are different than other programs.  He also shares a couple examples of workouts they've done to get athletes ready to run well at big meets.

Charlie is a fantastic coach and I'm so happy he is part of the 2016 High School Running Coach line up.


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In this Q&A Jay talks discusses how fast you should run your long run, what to focus on when you improve your form and what are some of the key concepts in his upcoming book Simple Marathon Training.  Join Jay's newsletter to get his best content -

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Amy Feit is a former 3:34 marathoner who is now a 3:03 marathoner (with Jay as her online coach).

Amy trains in harsh conditions in Minnesota, which she talks about on the podcast.

Amy has bought into the idea of doing a lot of non-running work after her workouts and long runs and she discusses what that part of her training looks like.

Finally, not only is Amy a guest on the podcast, but she's an avid listener too and she shares some of her favorite episodes of the podcast.

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Dan Iverson is the girls coach at Naperville North HS in Naperville, Illinois.

This is a collection of excerpts from Dan's full interview from High School Running Coach.  

In this interview Dan talks about goals vs. targets, yoga, the importance of keeping training logs and what it was like to run at North Central College.

Thanks Dan for your time.  So lucky to have you as part of High School Running Coach.

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This second interview with Dr. Messer is a rebroadcast of his interview with Jay Johnson for High School Running Coach.

Dr. Messer is widely considered one of the best high school distance coaches in the country and in this interview he discusses in detail his training for the Desert Vista (AZ) girls team that he coaches.

Dr. Messer is a special individual and a unique mind in the world of running.

If you are interested in learning from other great high school coaches like Dr. Messer, visit and consider becoming a member.

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Dr. Jeff Messer is both a high school coach and an exercise physiologist.  He is widely recognized as one of the best high school coaches in the country.

This interview is a rebroadcast of an interview between Jay Johnson and Dr. Messer from Jay's CoachJayJohnson podcast.  At the time of that recording Dr. Messer was coaching at Xavier College Prep; he now coaches at Desert Vista, both in the Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Messer has presented at the Boulder Running Clinics.  You can watch excerpts from his presentations for free on YouTube or you can purchase the entire presentation - both video and audio files - at

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This was a lot of fun - a simulcast with the Just Athletics podcast, hosted by Josh Rowe and Chris Johnson.

Josh has worked with world class athletes in sports marketing at both Nike and New Balance.  Chris is a hard working HS coach and English teacher in Florence, Oregon.  I'm lucky to know both men.

We talk track in this episode because - let's face it folks - all three of us are track geeks.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as the three of us enjoyed recording it.

Direct download: 014_Just_Athletics_RFP.m4a
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Coach Jay Johnson answers questions in this Q and A.  If you like the Q and A let Jay know via twitter, facebook or email.


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Doug Petrick is a serious runner, a high school coach, a high school educator and a father with young children.  He's extremely busy, as are many of the listeners of this podast.

I coached Doug online for a season and he did a great job buying in to the training, which culminated in Doug racing well.  

Doug has been coaching himself in the past year and in this podcast we get to learn about his implementation of my coaching approach into his own training, as well as the coaching of his high school team.

Thanks Doug for finding the time to be on the podcast.

Direct download: Podcast_012_Doug_Petrick.mp3
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Dr. Richard Hansen is a chiropractor and coach in Boulder, Colorado.  This interview covers his views on a variety of topics, including the modalities that may or may not be helpful for runners and thing to look for when considering working with various health professionals to Run Faster.

Direct download: Dr_Hansen_Aug_2015_Part_1.m4a
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Travis Macey is the author of the book, The Ultra Mindset.  He's is a competitive adventure racer and ultra marathon runner.  This a great interview that covers a variety of topics.  

Direct download: Travis_Macey.m4a
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Steve Magness is not only a guest on the Run Faster Podcast, but he’s one of the speakers at the Boulder Running Clinic’s July 2015 High School Coaches clinic.

Steve is many things: A coach, scientist, author, blogger and now a podcaster.

Steve has a unique mind and the running world is lucky to have someone as passionate and objective about training design as Steve.


This is a great interview for the simple reason that Steve is full of so much good information.  Enjoy.

Direct download: 009_Steve_Magness.m4a
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Vern Gambetta is one of the premier strength and conditioning coaches  in the world.  But, unlike many of his peers, his roots are in track and field.  He considers himself a coach, first and foremost.

Many of you are familiar with his blog and the balance he shares between the nuts and bolts of helping athletes become better athletes and the art of coaching.

Interviewing Vern is a real treat for me as he’s a coach I’ve looked up to for many years.


Vern will be speaking at the Boulder Running Clinic’s 2015 July High School Coaches clinic.  He’ll be presenting in both the formal classroom setting as well as outside in a “learn by doing” session.  

Direct download: 008_Vern_Gambetta.m4a
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Nate Jenkins is our seventh guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

Nate is an American marathon runner who has taken the time to share his training logs over his career at  Nate does a wonderful job explaining why he does what he does.  He’s self effacing and the first to be critical of any mistake he’s made in his training.

Nate finished seventh at the 2008 Olympic Trials, in a star-studded field.  He has a marathon PR of 2:14.

Nate started running seriously in 8th grade and learned by his senior year in high school that high mileage worked for him.  

In this interview he talks about his interpretation of Renato Canova’s training system and how he’s implemented that into his training.  He also discusses his use of workouts like Aussie Quarters and the Mona Fartlek.

This interview runs a few minutes longer than most for the simple fact that I had so many questions for Nate.

Thanks for your time Nate and we wish you the best as you continue your running career. 

Direct download: 07_Nate_Jenkins.m4a
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Bart Yasso is our sixth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

Bart has the title of Chief Running Officer at Runners World.  What is that you ask?  Bart explains in this interview.

Bart has been running for 38 years and has a wealth of knowledge about training and racing.  

Obviously we discuss the Yasso 800 workout, but we also discuss easy days and long runs and how Bart thinks you should run those days.


Bart is a special man and I thank him for his time.

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Lee Troop is my guest on the fifth episode of the Run Faster Podcast.

Lee represented Australia in three different Olympics.  He broke Ron Clarke’s Austrailian national record in the 5k, a record that stood for 33 years.  He then moved up to the marathon where he ran a personal best of 2:09.

In 2013 Lee finished 15th in the Boston Marathon, running 2:17, at age 40.

 Lee is the founder of the Boulder Track Club and coach of the reigning women’s US cross country champion, Laura Thweatt.

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Adam Goucher is our fourth guest on the Run Faster Podcast.  Adam won the 1993 Footlocker National Championship as a high school athlete, beating Meb Keflezighi. He attended the University of Colorado and ran for Coach Mark Wetmore.  Adam finished third at the NCAA Championships his freshman year, then went on to win the meet as a senior, a season that is chronicled in the book Running with the Buffaloes.


Adam became an Olympian in 2000 and finished 13th in the finals of the 5,000m.  Adam has run 8:12 for two-miles and 13:10 for 5,000m.  Adam is co-author with Tim Catalono of the book Run the Edge.  You may know Adam’s wife, Kara Goucher, a fixture on the American running scene for many years.

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Bob Kennedy joins us for the third episode of the Run Faster Podcast.  Bob won both the high school national championship, which was then called the Kinney National Championship, and won the NCAA Division I Cross Country Champions as both a freshman and a senior.


Bob Kennedy was the first non-African to break 13 minutes for 5k.  Many of you may remember when he took the lead of the penultimate lap of the 5,000m at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA.  Some runners may have even raced in the shoe Nike named after him, the Zoom Kennedy.

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Dathan Ritzenhein is a three-time Olympian who is working hard to make his fourth Olympic team in 2016.  Prior to becoming one of the best professional runners in the U.S. and in the world (with a marathon best of 2:07:47 and a half-marathon best of 60:00) he won both the Footlocker and NCAA titles. 


He twice won the Footlocker Cross Country Championships in high school, beating Alan Webb and Ryan Hall his senior year.  In 2003, he won the NCAA Division I Championship in a brutal dual with Ryan Hall.


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Jorge Torres

2002 NCAA Division I Cross Country Champion, 1998 Footlocker Champion and 2008 Olympian for the United States at 10,000m, Jorge Torres is the first guest on the Run Faster Podcast.

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